Dealing With Depression in Retirement


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It’s quite common for people who have led busy working lives to retire and feel unhelpful, with a lack of self-worth. You must give yourself, or your partner a break and give them time to adjust to this feeling of detachment, as they move from one stage of their life to another.

Places of work are seen as socially active places with a good support network giving validating that you add value to “something” and are needed.

Dealing With Depression in Retirement
Kenneth Eden
Dear reader’s; a list of frequent symptoms to look out for that directly relates to depression. If you or a partner share any of these symptoms it may suggest an issue with “depressive disorder”.
Continual fatigue and exhaustion.
Hesitation to leave the comfort of your own residence.
Insufficient personal care or hygiene.
Mood swings.
Continual feelings of sorrow and unhappiness.
Not being able to concentrate on anything.
Feeling detached from family, friends and loved ones.
You stop doing activities that you once relished.

It’s not easy to break out of a depressive cycle,

and it’s something that can happen to anyone, at any time.
It’s very common for people to mask over depression so they appear happy and normal to others. You can often see through this when they spend periods of time alone and in isolation. Real or imagined.

Everyone wants to have that feeling of self-worth and importance, and want to feel that they are valued. Having your work come to a halt and “retiring” often breaks the social circle that you may have had at your workplace.

Before you make the decision to retire make sure that retirement is the right thing for you at this given time, as many companies and organisations allow employees to stay on well after retirement age. The main thing is to ask for help and guidance if you think you’re suffering from depression. It can be dealt with and it certainly isn’t a sign of weakness.


Why We Left City Life


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Why We Left City Life         



                       Kenneth Eden


Urban sprawl really came to prominence in the late 19th century period. The main reason, in my opinion, is that people wanted to be near to the “action”. Having things in close proximity was a major incentive. So, folks began to spread out of the countryside.


They moved, in increasing numbers toward city life. Now we have congestion in the Towns and Cities, leaving the countryside becoming more and more open. My family, city folk born and bred, made the decision back in the late seventies, to reverse the trend. We moved to the glorious open spaces of England’s West Country. Who are the people, who like ourselves prefer the countryside to the convenience and status of city life? This article will, hopefully, shed some light on the subject.


The first and perhaps obvious deduction from our choice was the positive effect we felt would happen to our health. All that bracing air! It’s fairly obvious that the country air will be fresher & cleaner. The countryside lifestyle will be beneficial to everyone, and access to wholesome organic foods on a regular basis also a major benefit. Studies have shown that people who live in the countryside, due to the emphasis on living a healthier lifestyle, often have slightly better mental health than people who live in major cities.


The issue of crime is another factor to consider. Clearly, it is less of an issue, even though it’s not a non-issue in this day and age. As for relationships; you are also far more likely to establish closer relations with your neighbours and people living close by than you would if you stayed in the heart of a major city. So, these are some of the issues we thought about when we were making our decision to embrace this paradigm shift. We do not regret it, and in this blog more will be said about our move and the adventures we experienced…the good the bad and the ugly. Please subscribe below to get regular informative posts, on all aspects of living and working in the glorious WEST COUNTRY. bookmark us now…




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