Fun and Finance From Your Books

Fun and Finance From Your Books

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Especially for budding writers/internet marketers

Guest Post.

For the last few years, I have been learning the techniques of working online and internet marketing. Coming from a teaching and sales background I thought writing a book would be an exciting new direction for me.

I recently watched some webinars about people writing books and turning them not only into eBooks but self-publishing with the help of “Create Space” and creating paperbacks too.

Over the years I have written in excess of 350 articles about all aspects of working online, I thought perhaps I could create a book from a compilation of some of these articles and turn them into a paperback edition.

So not being very technical, for a couple of days I studied YouTube videos on using “create space” to produce a book. There are so many to choose from. Eventually, after several attempts to format my book to the required size with appropriate margins etc. I decided to have it formatted for me.

So now I visited “fiver” a website where freelancers are waiting to fulfil all tasks you choose not to do yourself. I found a very helpful chap who was happy to advise me and promised an excellent job from my manuscript at a very reasonable price.

All I had to do was choose a selection of articles to take my readers on a journey showing them how to create an online business. Some articles are humorous, some educational, some to build self-belief. Included are many reference books that would be helpful.

Articles decided upon, the next job was to proofread the whole manuscript adding introductions etc. and preparing it for its journey into print.

The cover was fun to design with the help of “create Space’s tool. I achieved quite pleasing results I hope my readers will like it, and the contents. Now I don’t expect my first book to be a best-seller, but it has been an exciting adventure from which I may progress.

I hope in the future to create a range of children’s books for slow readers as this is an area that appeals to me. I love helping children struggling to get to grips with the joys of reading.

I love working at home developing ideas and my internet business. If working at home appeals to you begin in your spare time, give up some TV and enjoy an exciting future. It doesn’t grow overnight, you have to commit to your venture and invest some time. However it is an inexpensive way to set up a business which develops at your own speed according to commitment.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to begin online working with a coach and mentor who provides a range of products for your customers, together with training and comradeship from the group. Whilst you are learning the techniques required you are paid a commission. So maybe this will inspire you to discover a new hobby business you can create online.

How to Start Your Own Profitable eBay Home Business


Many individuals have successful work-at-home businesses selling products on eBay. If that sounds interesting to you, why not try it yourself? Once you have made the decision to start your own eBay home business, here are some suggestions to help you get started.

Make sure you have a good digital camera. Every product you put up for sale should include several clear photographs from different angles. Use outdoor lighting when possible and make sure the photos are close-ups.

Set aside a designated amount of time each week to work at your business. Don’t become distracted. Remember this is a business and not a hobby. It is important to treat it just as seriously as any other owner treats their brick and mortar business.

Good feedback is essential on eBay. To start off, list just a few insignificant things and sell them at a low price. Make sure your customer is happy and is willing to give you positive feedback. Once you have 20 separate positive feedbacks you are entitled to additional privileges as an eBay seller.

Find a way to accept debit and credit cards. The easiest way to do this is to sign up for a PayPal account. You can also use snail mail and accept money orders or cashiers checks. Don’t take regular checks and be cautious before you accept buyers from third world countries. There was an outbreak of buyers in Nigeria using stolen credit cards. When accepting payment from overseas it is best to accept only PayPal.

Watch your listings closely. When people ask questions answer them immediately. This will keep your customers happy and will earn you positive feedback. Always know when each auction is due to close and then act immediately once it closes. Always keep a professional attitude and treat every transaction seriously.

Ship sold items immediately upon receipt of payment. This is vital because nothing will earn you negative feedback faster than slow shipments. Make sure that you fully disclose how your items will be shipped and what you will be charging for shipping and handling. Don’t overcharge for shipping and handling, but don’t cheat yourself either.

Learn how to package and ship your items safely and efficiently. You don’t want items to arrive broken or crushed. You can actually use PayPal now to print shipping labels for the post office. Take the time to learn about all the different shipping options available to you.

Learn all the ways you can save money on eBay. For instance, you don’t have to pay an additional charge for each photo you post. You can join a photo hosting site, upload your photos onto this site, and then post them on eBay at no cost. Learn about the different eBay stores and programs. Start off with as little expense as possible and more add features (if you need them) as you start making money.

Many individuals just like you have started their own home businesses selling products on eBay and have been very successful. There is no reason why you can’t be successful, too. Once you make the decision to get started, work hard at it and follow these helpful suggestions. In the meantime, you can check out the bargains that will escalate your progress.            COUNTRY LIFESTYLE WEST

How to Begin a Home Business without the Necessary Funds

Many individuals want to be their own boss and have a business they can operate out of their home. However, they simply do not have the necessary funds to even get started. Basically, setting up a traditional home office to run a business could end up costing a fair amount of money. If you simply do not have the necessary funds, there are other opportunities available for a small business owner that requires minimal capital.


No Initial Investment

There are numerous businesses that can be performed out of the house that requires basically no initial investment. Typically, certain types of home businesses that offer services require minimal funding. A service business might involve babysitting; resume writing or content article writing. By providing a service instead of a product, you can significantly reduce the number of funds required to get the business up and operating.

Create a Website

No matter what type of home business you want to operate, it is imperative to have a website. The website does not need to be a flashy, high-end online retail store, but simply needs a landing page with basic information. There are numerous options online were an individual or business can obtain a domain name (their online address) and a basic page for just pennies every month. Many of the sites provide their customers free to use templates and will even register the domain name free of charge.

Interesting Content

Using a website is the easiest way to promote your home business, and requires virtually no money. This is an ideal solution for new home businesses that have no advertising budget. You can simply add your own content and advertising clearly stating all the services you provide. You can choose whether or not to include the amount for each service, or simply offer a way to contact you through email or an online form. This will help generate new business from prospective clients.

Create Business Cards

You should be handing out a business card to your new home business everywhere you go. Think of every individual as a prospective client, and how you can best provide services to make their life easier. Business cards can be easily created using your home computer, where business card blanks can be purchased online, or at the local office supply store.

Obtain a Business License

Yes, even a home-based business may require a business license to ensure that it is operating legally. (Depending on what country you’re in.) You will need to obtain a business license from your local municipality BEFORE you start taking on clients. Everyone has the ability to acquire a business license. The process requires nothing more than filling out an application and paying the fees.

Your new business license will give you a tax identification number that indicates you are in business. It will allow you to purchase many items at wholesale prices, and receive special discounts.

There are numerous ways that any individual can begin an at-home business and generate enough profits to give up their day job. Taking the time to find out what services you can provide will allow you to become your own boss, and set your own hours.            COUNTRY LIFESTYLE WEST


Internet Marketing Tips You Need To Know

So you’re thinking about starting a new business on the Internet? Maybe you are considering replacing your full-time income or maybe just adding supplemental income so that you can get by. Many people start with a website where they place affiliate links on their page in order to get revenue. But times have changed.

The Internet requires very specific information for you to be able to rank in the listings to be found by people searching around. In this article, we will provide three tips on how to do your online marketing in a profitable manner.

Most people think of Internet Marketing as some guy sitting in his pyjamas staring at his computer watching the sales roll in. In some cases, this is actually a real scenario, but it doesn’t happen for everyone. To weigh the odds in your favour, you have to make certain decisions with your business in order to expand it to such a level where your full-time income is completely replaced. One of the strategies has to do with writing reviews sites on one specific product or another.

Review sites have been used for many years by people that are marketing affiliate programs to generate online revenue. In most cases, it merely consists of a single page site where you simply review the product that you are promoting. The difficulty with earning money with this type of strategy is that so many people are actually doing this it has saturated many of the top affiliate programs making it difficult for people to earn a living in this manner.

To get around this problem, it is actually best to create a product of your very own. By creating products in popular niches, and having affiliates market your product for you, you can be the top dog in the food chain in regard to who is making the most money by marketing a product online. The only difficulty with this is having the skills to create the product itself. You will need a sales page, the product, marketing tools, a website, and web hosting just to get started.

In the end, it really comes down to how much time and money you have to spend in setting up your Internet marketing site. If you set up a review site, this will take just about an hour, and you can even host your content, with your affiliate link, on a free blog. If you create your own product, the revenue that you could earn could be dramatic, but it takes time and money to get these things set up. But once it is done, you will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts.

Hopefully, these tips on Internet marketing can help you get your very own online business started very shortly. If you want to do this quickly, always make a review page of an affiliate program. If you want long-term residual income and a lot of it, you need to take the time to build your own product. COUNTRY LIFESTYLE WEST


Tips To Know About Running Your First Home Business


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There are a lot of people out there that want to know what goes into a home business. This is something that can make you enough money to survive on, or you may just want to supplement your income some. Whatever the case may be, start reading the tips here to learn more.

You should probably consider getting a website that you can use to market to people. There are a lot of free website hosts out there, or you can get your own web hosting service that will allow you to be more creative with your page. Whatever the case may be, just make sure that your site gets updated frequently so that people have a reason to come and see it. You could also offer discounts to those that visit your site and order something from you every once in a while.

Figure out who you’re going to start marketing to. You need to have some kind of a marketing plan in place so that you can attract whoever you think your business is for. You wouldn’t want to waste time and money trying to advertise just to find out that you didn’t study your target market. Try to make your first impression on people count so that they will be more likely to get your business’s message. When people feel like a business is something that gets them, then they are more likely to stay loyal to the brand that you have created.

Make sure you’re prepared to pay taxes on whatever money you make. Keep detailed records of the money that’s going into, and out of your business. You can write off things that help you to work, such as part of your Internet bill if you have to use it to work. If you don’t know anything about taxes, or you just want to be careful, you should hire yourself a tax professional to help you out. These professionals will help you to get all of you information in order so that you can just give it all to them and have them do your taxes.

Know that any get rich quick thing that you see is probably false. If people were able to become famous overnight because they paid for some program, everyone would be rich right now. Take everything with a grain of salt, and know that you shouldn’t be giving any money to someone for promises of getting money back. Most of the time these people are just scamming you, and all the fees that they charged you were just so they could line their pockets more. Be careful with your money, and know who’s out there just to make a quick buck.

After learning all of this information about being a home business owner, you should be able to know whether or not it’s right for you. Keep working as hard as you can because the harder you work, the faster you get results.  COUNTRY LIFESTYLE WEST


Tips And Tricks To Improve Home Business Productivity

Working from home is the dream for most employees. But it’s not always as glamorous as it seems. If you do manage to quit your day job and work from home you can easily find yourself without motivation. It’s easy to get distracted by TV, chores, and your family. This can lead to serious problems for your home business if you let it. Keep reading and I’ll give you some advice for staying motivated when working at home.

The first thing you should do is designate a certain part of your home to being your home office. The only purpose for this area is for you to work. It’s not a place to eat, it’s not a place to play games. This is where you go when you need to get work done and only when you get work done.

You should also explain to your family that just because you’re home, doesn’t mean you’re not working. It’s hard for a lot of people to understand that, but if you don’t make them understand it, they’re just going to keep interrupting you and killing your productivity. And that’s going to be the last thing you want.

Set regular work hours for yourself. Working at home means you can work whenever you want, but you still need to work sometime. So whether you do better in the morning, the afternoon, or at night, you need to set yourself some work hours. You don’t need to work an eight hour shift if you don’t want to though. You can work two hours in the morning, two hours in the afternoon, and then four hours at night. Do whatever works best for you.

The thing you need to keep in mind is that during whatever hours you set, you’re at work. During these hours it’s the same as if you were at the office. You’re not “home,” you’re at work. This means chores can wait, the dog can entertain itself, and someone else can worry about dinner. You need to completely devote yourself to work during these hours.

Just because you can work in your pajamas, doesn’t mean you should. It’s been proven that getting up, getting a shower, and putting on normal clothes does a lot to improve your frame of mind. It’ll help your mind realize that it’s now working time instead of relax time. You’d be amazed at how much this one little change can increase your productivity.

You can also try listening to some upbeat music while you work to give yourself a little bit of extra energy during the day. But if you’re the type of person to get easily distracted by the music, I’d find something else to keep you alert and energized!

No matter what your home business revolves around, productivity is going to be an important part of it. If you’re not able to stay motivated and be productive, your home business won’t last long. So take this advice to heart and kick some butt!  More for your education?  COUNTRY LIFESTYLE WEST

Internet Marketing Tips And Tricks Anyone Can Use

There are a lot of different things that go into Internet marketing. You have to learn a few of these things if you want to use this kind of marketing to your advantage. If this sounds interesting to you, then read through the following ideas.  

Write down everything you wish to accomplish with your Internet marketing campaign. It’s always a good idea to have some goals in mind so that you know what you need to do to be closer to reaching those goals you have. Always break down your larger goals into ones that you can work on each day that you’re working on a marketing campaign. Make sure that you’re tracking your progress as well so that you know if you’re getting close to meeting one of your goals. Reward yourself if you do reach a goal so that you’ll associate success with a reward.

Try to put up a form on your website where people can sign up to get email marketing messages from you. Just try coming up with a newsletter that offers people a good deal and gives them something interesting to read about what your business is currently up to. Just make sure, however, that you’re not sending out a bunch of spam messages to people. This means that you probably shouldn’t try telling people something every day in an email. You should just try sending something out once a week or so because you don’t want people to think you’re bombarding them with too many messages.

You should see about getting a social media account on one of the more popular social media sites. This is pretty easy to do, all you have to work on is making a profile. Just keep in mind that this profile is what you’re going to be using to market on, so you don’t want to fill out the profile like this is your page that’s there for fun. Always use this social media site professionally so that people know when you’re responding to them that you’re all about your business.

Try adding a way for people to comment on what your business is up to on your website. A good thing to do would be to add forums to your site so that people can interact with you and each other. You could also make a blog on your site where you allow people to talk back in the comment section. Just make sure that you check through the comments that people have left, or have a reporting feature in place. It would be bad if you allowed people to spam your comment sections, or to say things that are against your rules.

It’s not that hard to see how useful Internet marketing is after reading through this advice. If you’re ready to, then you can start working on a marketing campaign online while using the tips you’ve gone over here. If you work hard, then in the future you will notice results.


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How To Succeed At Internet Marketing

The success of people that create and sell products on the Internet is actually quite overwhelming. One of the main reasons that they are able to generate such huge sums of money is because of how interconnected everyone is as a result of the Internet. Marketing online is not that difficult to do.

As long as you have a product to sell, and a way of getting targeted visitors and traffic to your website, you will be able to make some money, perhaps even a full-time income, on the Internet. What you need to do is find a way to set up a website or blog that offers a product or service, drive targeted traffic, and the sales will begin to come in. Here are a few tips on how to create an Internet marketing blog or website and get targeted visitors to your website.

Although traditional businesses typically use advertising such as newspapers or the classifieds in order to drive potential customers to their stores in the real world, on the Internet, there are a variety of ways to get targeted traffic to what you have to offer without having to even pay a dime. This is unheard of in regard to traditional advertising, though it is a very viable way to get targeted traffic each and every day.

One of the best ways to do this is to post on Facebook. Although this would seem redundant because it is a social media site, many people like to share ideas and concepts that relate to products and services. Depending upon how large your Facebook account is, and how many people are following you, you can actually create a substantial income by simply posting things every day.

There are classifieds on the Internet. One of the largest is called Craigslist. Regardless of what city or state that you live in, you will be able to post an ad for whatever it is that you have to sell and potentially earn money from your efforts. Unfortunately, craigslist is usually about selling physical products.

Therefore, if you really want to use this classified site to your advantage, selling a physical product is definitely a possibility, but you can also use this Internet Marketing site with digital products that they can download. By simply providing a link to your website and the things that you offer, there are certain areas on Craigslist that will allow you to do this. By tapping into the millions of people that visit this website every day, you can make sales on a regular basis by driving traffic to your offers.

The last thing that you can do is article writing and submission. Although this used to be much more profitable, the key is to write articles that are unique, causing the search engines to index your information. If your keywords are extremely unique, what are called long-tail keywords, you will be able to rank very easily, even on page one of Google, for certain keywords that you choose. By using these three strategies for your Internet Marketing, you should be able to generate enough traffic to make your Internet business endeavour worthwhile and hopefully profitable.


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