THE JOY OF BIKING Mountain Biking Safety Tips


THE JOY OF BIKING Mountain Biking Safety Tips

There are numerous ways that you can improve your
mountain bike safety. Many riders will tell you
that wearing a helmet is the most important step to
staying safe.

The second most important step is
that you should always ride in control of your
mountain bike.  you’ll not only prevent crashes
but keep others on the trail safe as well. When
riding out of control you lose the ability to
adjust to the terrain as you ride over it. This can
and usually does result in serious injury to yourself
and others.

Follow these helpful guidelines and you’ll remain
safe when riding your mountain bike.

Always make sure that you wear a helmet and other
necessary safety gear for the conditions that you
plan to ride in. You would be amazed if you knew just

how many lives have been saved from certain death by heeding this advice!


Never ride beyond your control
There is never any shame in walking the areas of
the trail that you don’t feel comfortable in riding
and you should never let anyone else tell you that
there is.

Keep your speed under control
Always make sure you keep your speed at a level
where you can quickly adjust to any obstacles or
change in the trail.

Knowing your trail
You should never push the limits on trails that you
aren’t familiar with. You should take trails you
aren’t familiar with at slow speeds until you learn
them better.

Slow down around blind corners
If you can’t see past a corner you should always
slow down, as you never know who or what is around it.

Start small then go big
Work your way up to stunts or obstacles. Practice in
less difficult or dangerous situations before you
move up to something more dangerous.

Playing it smart
If you start to question what you’re doing, you probably
shouldn’t be doing IT! Always think about what you are
doing and go with your instincts.


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