Fun and Finance From Your Books

Fun and Finance From Your Books

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Especially for budding writers/internet marketers

Guest Post.

For the last few years, I have been learning the techniques of working online and internet marketing. Coming from a teaching and sales background I thought writing a book would be an exciting new direction for me.

I recently watched some webinars about people writing books and turning them not only into eBooks but self-publishing with the help of “Create Space” and creating paperbacks too.

Over the years I have written in excess of 350 articles about all aspects of working online, I thought perhaps I could create a book from a compilation of some of these articles and turn them into a paperback edition.

So not being very technical, for a couple of days I studied YouTube videos on using “create space” to produce a book. There are so many to choose from. Eventually, after several attempts to format my book to the required size with appropriate margins etc. I decided to have it formatted for me.

So now I visited “fiver” a website where freelancers are waiting to fulfil all tasks you choose not to do yourself. I found a very helpful chap who was happy to advise me and promised an excellent job from my manuscript at a very reasonable price.

All I had to do was choose a selection of articles to take my readers on a journey showing them how to create an online business. Some articles are humorous, some educational, some to build self-belief. Included are many reference books that would be helpful.

Articles decided upon, the next job was to proofread the whole manuscript adding introductions etc. and preparing it for its journey into print.

The cover was fun to design with the help of “create Space’s tool. I achieved quite pleasing results I hope my readers will like it, and the contents. Now I don’t expect my first book to be a best-seller, but it has been an exciting adventure from which I may progress.

I hope in the future to create a range of children’s books for slow readers as this is an area that appeals to me. I love helping children struggling to get to grips with the joys of reading.

I love working at home developing ideas and my internet business. If working at home appeals to you begin in your spare time, give up some TV and enjoy an exciting future. It doesn’t grow overnight, you have to commit to your venture and invest some time. However it is an inexpensive way to set up a business which develops at your own speed according to commitment.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to begin online working with a coach and mentor who provides a range of products for your customers, together with training and comradeship from the group. Whilst you are learning the techniques required you are paid a commission. So maybe this will inspire you to discover a new hobby business you can create online.

Dealing With Depression in Retirement


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It’s quite common for people who have led busy working lives to retire and feel unhelpful, with a lack of self-worth. You must give yourself, or your partner a break and give them time to adjust to this feeling of detachment, as they move from one stage of their life to another.

Places of work are seen as socially active places with a good support network giving validating that you add value to “something” and are needed.

Dealing With Depression in Retirement
Kenneth Eden
Dear reader’s; a list of frequent symptoms to look out for that directly relates to depression. If you or a partner share any of these symptoms it may suggest an issue with “depressive disorder”.
Continual fatigue and exhaustion.
Hesitation to leave the comfort of your own residence.
Insufficient personal care or hygiene.
Mood swings.
Continual feelings of sorrow and unhappiness.
Not being able to concentrate on anything.
Feeling detached from family, friends and loved ones.
You stop doing activities that you once relished.

It’s not easy to break out of a depressive cycle,

and it’s something that can happen to anyone, at any time.
It’s very common for people to mask over depression so they appear happy and normal to others. You can often see through this when they spend periods of time alone and in isolation. Real or imagined.

Everyone wants to have that feeling of self-worth and importance, and want to feel that they are valued. Having your work come to a halt and “retiring” often breaks the social circle that you may have had at your workplace.

Before you make the decision to retire make sure that retirement is the right thing for you at this given time, as many companies and organisations allow employees to stay on well after retirement age. The main thing is to ask for help and guidance if you think you’re suffering from depression. It can be dealt with and it certainly isn’t a sign of weakness.


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