Beginning Acrylics Painting


“I’d like to welcome you to this absolute beginners, acrylic painting course. Do you ever dream of becoming an artist, but you often put it off until you’ve got more time.

Sometimes the thought of a blank canvas staring back at you can put you in a real state of paralysis, and you can never even get started on your creative journey with painting.”

You can quickly find yourself as an art minor rather than an art creator and the longer it goes on and the longer you put it off the more it can get you down and you’ll find yourself with your paints in the paint box, rather than actually putting Your brush to canvas procrastination can really hold you back and I should know I’m world-class at it.

Often my planning and my research can go on for weeks if not months and my deadlines only just get met so for this absolute beginner, acrylic painting cause. I want to help out other aspiring artists to make that step, to stop putting it off anymore and to get paint on canvas and start their creative journey. This course is aimed as if you’re completely new, to painting using acrylics is the simplest, most effective way for an absolute beginner to learn how to paint successfully critics dry quickly. They diluted with water and throughout this course, you’ll see me constantly keeping my brush moist and adding water to the mix. I also demonstrate using a stay, wet palette, to keep your acrylics wet over a longer period of time, so you can keep on coming back to your mixes to create lovely, smooth blends.


It goes through everything steps by step. I introduce each new technique slowly and in an illogical, progressive sequence. The course is split into seven lessons that could be tackled daily perfect if you want to paint in a week – or you can study each lesson every weekend to give yourself a continuity in your painting practice. We’Ll cover materials and setup, colour, mixing and pigment choice, brush handling and pallet knife techniques and gels and mediums then we’ll get painting using methods that achieve great results.

Even if you’ve got no artistic training, we’ll cover a wide range of techniques, from classical realism to a more modern abstract approach. Looking at underpainting and glazing to scumbling and impasto textural effects, given an essential introduction to the wide properties of acrylics.

By the end of the course, you would have created three different painting studies and each one looking at a different style of painting. You have a really good, solid foundation of how acrylics work and then you’ll be able to build on that to develop all the paintings you’ve ever dreamt about. So why don’t you grab a brew, maybe a couple of biscuits and join me on its beginner’s course? So you can unleash your inner artist and put painter canvas”

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Organic Gardening – Using Animal-Based Fertilizers.

Lisa Fotios at Pexels

Organic Gardening – Using Animal-Based Fertilizers.

At the Countryside site, we are always keen to promote all-natural methods of growing crops, and so our article today will hopefully enlighten you further in your gardening.

Organic Gardening

Organic gardening is coming to be much more prominent these days, and gardeners are trying to find natural fertilizers and various other natural products for their gardening demands. Organic plant foods are either animal, mineral, or vegetable-based. Animal-based organic fertilizers are a byproduct of farming and also the meat sector. Products like manures, blood meal, bone dish, and also fish items are all part of this sort of fertilizer.


Manures are the most common type of organic plant food that comes to mind to the home gardener. They can provide a whole lot of organic matter to the garden’s dirt to boost the soil’s structure. Other bird based fertilizers like a bat or seabird manure can be purchased at most local garden centres.


A blood dish is a powdered blood that is a byproduct of slaughtered pets. It has high nitrogen material, usually around fourteen per cent, and additionally has lots of micro-nutrients. It is exceptional to be utilized on leafy nitrogen loving plants like lettuce. Bone meal is typically utilized as a resource of phosphorous as well as calcium. It is the by-product of pet and fish bones. It is available in powder kind and is frequently made use of on origin plants.


Fish spin-offs are superb fertilizers, and they are available in a number of various types. There is a fish solution that remains in the fluid state as well as has a strong fish odour. It is a superb full-plant food and will certainly add needed trace aspects to the dirt for plants to take advantage of. When diluted with water it is gentle and also very reliable in stimulating the growth of young seed startings.


The hydrolyzed fish powder is an additional by-product of fish and is high in nitrogen. It is commonly combined with water and also applied as spray-on plant foliage. The fish dish is a fish by-product that is high in nitrogen and also phosphorus. It is applied to the soil and is typically a blend of seaweed, kelp, as well as fish meal fertilizer.


An environment-friendly and healthy way of horticulture. Organic gardening is a method of horticulture in harmony with nature. It is growing a productive and also healthy and balanced crop in a manner that is healthier for both you and also the atmosphere.


Organic gardening is ending up being extra preferred, and gardeners are looking for organic fertilizers and various other organic products for there gardening needs. Organic fertilizers are either animal, mineral, or vegetable-based. Animal-based natural plant foods are a spin-off of the farming and meat market. Products like manures, blood dish, bone meal, as well as fish items are all component of this type of plant food.

In summary then, its undoubtedly manures that are the most common type of natural fertilizer that comes to mind to the home garden enthusiast.

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What is  South West England famous for?

What is  South West England famous for?
Photograph by Paula Eden

The South West is known for:
Cheddar cheese, which originated in the Somerset village of Cheddar; Devon cream teas, crabs, Cornish pasties, and cider. It is home to the Eden Project, Aardman Animations, the Glastonbury Festival, the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, "trip-hop" music and Cornwall's surfing beaches.

What food is Somerset famous for?
What to eat in Somerset?

Top 10 most popular Traditional foods in Somerset
Cheese. Montgomery’s Cheddar. Somerset.
Cheese. Ogleshield. North Cadbury. …
Cheese. Millstone. Somerset. …
Cheese. Wellesley. Stawley. …
Cheese. Exmoor Blue Cheese. Somerset. …
Cheese. Stawley. Stawley. …
Cheese. Keen’s Cheddar. Wincanton. …
Cheese. Dumpling. Shepton Mallet. …


What food is Bristol famous for?

One of the most comforting dishes we can think of, sausages, mashed potato and gravy is a British classic, and nowhere in Bristol does it as well as The Clifton Sausage. Choose from a range of sausages, including vegetarian and vegan options, all served with mashed potato or champ (mashed potato with spring onions).



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The World’s Largest Database for Woodworking

The World’s Largest Database for Woodworking Projects

As a woodworker, you may have realized that finding the right detailed plans to build some custom projects to meet specific needs can be very difficult. This is among the most common problems woodworkers face today, but luckily for you, this and other related problem shouldn’t bother you.
At, Ted Mcgrath, a certified master woodworker, trainer, and author, gives more than 16,000 plans, with step-by-step blueprints for various woodworking projects.

So what’s TedsWoodworking all about?
Building complex projects or even the simple ones to meet specific needs can be very difficult even to experienced woodworkers especially when you can’t find a detailed plan. And most of the so-called “step by step” guides found online and in various magazines make building some projects harder than it should be. This is because the plans are sometimes not specific enough or their instructions leave out crucial information assuming that you have enough experience to know what to do.

In addition, often, such plans don’t have enough detail. For instance, some don’t include pictures or the pictures they have don’t match what they are telling you. Still, some don’t even include cut sheets, so you are forced to “guesstimate” materials.

Ted Mcgrath spent over 25 years studying these problems and finding solutions. He put together a comprehensive collection of woodworking plans. is his website which offers woodworkers solutions to various woodworking problems, especially those related to finding the right plans for various projects. The site has detailed plans for over 16, 000 projects. Every plan comes with a step-by-step blueprint to make it easier for you to create stunning, professional woodworking projects hassle-free, quickly, and easily.

Who is TedsWoodworking for?
If you are a woodworker looking for detailed plans to start building your dream projects, or if you want a variety of plans for various unique projects, then has you covered. The website has helpful insights for both beginner woodworkers and the more experienced ones.
Why you should check this out
Occasionally, you are presented with a challenging project, for instance, a customer comes and wants something custom-made for them. Without having a detailed plan, it may be very difficult to build such projects quickly and be able to meet your customer’s needs. TedsWoodworking comes in handy, providing you with a variety of plans with complete easy-to-understand instructions.
You will also get new insights and learn new tricks of completing projects even if you do not have expensive tools or a large woodworking workshop. And given the wide range of projects and complete plans available on the website, you no longer need to spend days or months looking for someone to complete a project for you. You will build even the most challenging projects yourself.

Here are a few things the site has to offer:
• Easy-to-understand step by step instructions; Every plan has simple “hold-you-by-the-hand” instructions that will assist you to complete your projects quickly.
• Materials and Cutting lists ensuring that you get the right materials and make correct cuttings. This saves you a lot of money.
• You get sharp, colourful and detailed schematics. No guesswork is involved, you will know what to do and how to do it and complete your projects within the shortest time possible.
• The plans give you views from all angles. You will see how everything should look like before you start building. The intricate details for every joint, angle and corner make sure you are not left guessing.

• Various lists of plans (16,000+). In addition, you will also get new plans every month for free.

The plans cover all levels of competence and skills. You don’t have to be an expert woodworker or have expensive tools and machinery to use the plans.
Whether you are a pro woodworker, an amateur, or a beginner with hand tools, you will find several projects suitable for you.
What You Won’t Like about Teds Woodworking?
Although Teds Woodworking has a lot of good things to offer, it has also some flaws. Since this contains thousands of plans, it takes time to download it, particularly if your internet speed isn’t up to mark.
Nevertheless, this advantage may be nullified if you choose the DVD version of Teds Woodworking. You’ll have every plan on a portable DVD and you don’t need to spend time in front of your computer to download the pack.
But, if you pick the DVD version, you’ll have to wait several days for the shipping. Aside from that, organizing a total of 16,000 plans isn’t a simple task. You do need to utilize the search option to locate the plan you’re looking for.
Why Should You Choose Teds Woodworking?
If you are planning to purchase 16,000 plans individually, it’ll cost you loads of money. However, Ted is offering everything for a limited launch price of only $67.  Thousands of woodworkers are using his plans to create awesome stuff out of wood. It’s now your turn to get in on the action
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Gardening Tips …Plants & Seeds..FREE BOOK FOR YOU!



Gardening Tips:                               FREE BOOK

Stones between the sizes of oranges and cantaloupes make great decorations or borders for gardens, but if you want a lot they can be costly. If you live near new construction, be it a large building or a new neighbourhood, you are sure to find many suitable rocks for your garden. Be careful, as construction sites can be dangerous. Don’t forget to bring a wagon with so you can easily roam the area and move your stones at the same time.


Here’s a tip about plants and seeds.

Whether the plant is an annual, perennial, or bush such as the azalea you should harvest the seeds even if you don’t plan on planting them. Why? Because you can trade them for other seeds, grow the plants and sell them at the end of your driveway or at the farmer’s market for extra money. You can even donate the seeds to local charities, or animal shelters that can then resell them at a fundraiser.
Gardening is all about finding out what works best for you and what doesn’t. Take the time to write down all of your gardening ideas so that you can read them over during the winter months in preparation for the spring months. Then when spring arrives you’ll be ready to buy the seeds and plants you want for your new garden plan.


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Fun and Finance From Your Books

Fun and Finance From Your Books

Photo by Ricardo Esquivel on

Especially for budding writers/internet marketers

Guest Post.

For the last few years, I have been learning the techniques of working online and internet marketing. Coming from a teaching and sales background I thought writing a book would be an exciting new direction for me.

I recently watched some webinars about people writing books and turning them not only into eBooks but self-publishing with the help of “Create Space” and creating paperbacks too.

Over the years I have written in excess of 350 articles about all aspects of working online, I thought perhaps I could create a book from a compilation of some of these articles and turn them into a paperback edition.

So not being very technical, for a couple of days I studied YouTube videos on using “create space” to produce a book. There are so many to choose from. Eventually, after several attempts to format my book to the required size with appropriate margins etc. I decided to have it formatted for me.

So now I visited “fiver” a website where freelancers are waiting to fulfil all tasks you choose not to do yourself. I found a very helpful chap who was happy to advise me and promised an excellent job from my manuscript at a very reasonable price.

All I had to do was choose a selection of articles to take my readers on a journey showing them how to create an online business. Some articles are humorous, some educational, some to build self-belief. Included are many reference books that would be helpful.

Articles decided upon, the next job was to proofread the whole manuscript adding introductions etc. and preparing it for its journey into print.

The cover was fun to design with the help of “create Space’s tool. I achieved quite pleasing results I hope my readers will like it, and the contents. Now I don’t expect my first book to be a best-seller, but it has been an exciting adventure from which I may progress.

I hope in the future to create a range of children’s books for slow readers as this is an area that appeals to me. I love helping children struggling to get to grips with the joys of reading.

I love working at home developing ideas and my internet business. If working at home appeals to you begin in your spare time, give up some TV and enjoy an exciting future. It doesn’t grow overnight, you have to commit to your venture and invest some time. However it is an inexpensive way to set up a business which develops at your own speed according to commitment.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to begin online working with a coach and mentor who provides a range of products for your customers, together with training and comradeship from the group. Whilst you are learning the techniques required you are paid a commission. So maybe this will inspire you to discover a new hobby business you can create online.

How Quickly Can You Get Fit After Years of Inactivity?

If you have not been very physically active for some time, will you be able to make up for the lost time speedily?

The short answer is “It depends!” How rapid you get into form is directly related to your gift physical circumstance, and how fast your frame reacts to physical conditioning. For instance, a person 10 kilos obese, without physical barriers to deal with, will get into shape much quicker than a person 50 kilos obese with Type II diabetes and bad knees!

Yes, it will take the second individual longer to get in shape, but, he or she can likely need to use a specific strategy. The second man or woman might also never get to the health level of the primary one. But keep in mind that it is not a competition. It is a man or woman , doing whatever it takes, is better than doing nothing.

Getting in shape after years of a state of inactivity is like taking an automobile out for pressure after it has been sitting for ten years. If you are an automobile aficionado, you know you would not get in through, and see how rapidly you could max out the R.P.M’s in the engine. You might chide it along and regularly get it up to speed.  Likewise, the body after years of “non-use” is similar.

You need to begin gradually and step- by -step work your way r up the fitness ladder. The Heart Association recommends that an awesome way to start is to work out 3 to four times per week, 30 to 60 minutes each time, with a goal heart fee of 50% to 60% of your most heart charge. To calculate your most heart charge take 220 – your age (for men) or 226 – your age (for ladies).

For example, the maximum heart charge for a 50-year-old man might be 170. Sixty per cent of that determine could be 102 beats consistent with minute. Increase your degree of the hobby over a 6-week period subsequently getting your goal coronary heart rate as much as 70 to eighty% (eighty% might be 136).

A suitable region to start is with a mix of cardio and power education. Walking, jogging, playing tennis, cycling and swimming are all properly aerobic activities on the way to get your heart fee up in your target variety. Of path before beginning your workout ordinary, (and after you have the ok out of your doctor), be sure to warm-up with stretching.

If you have problem knees, then alternative an elliptical instructor for walking or strolling. And do not even consider playing tennis. With either aerobic or electricity schooling, adjust time/depth and weight/repetitions to maintain your coronary heart rate in the correct variety. With energy schooling, start off mildly on weight and repetitions and work up.

The other half of getting fit is eating right. While you are with the doctor getting checked over (to see if you are healthy enough to begin a workout program) ask about a vitamins plan. It could be useful for you when you have to lose quite a few pounds weight than if you are already at the proper weight on your peak and age.

Getting “match fit” is about setting an intention and then regularly working up to attain that intention. Focusing most effective on achieving your goal as fast as possible, is simply waiting for a debilitating injury that could set you back months. So, the watchword is…take it easy at the start.

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5 Key Qualities to Become an Entrepreneur


I have to be used to take risks in the outdoors. If I do not risk falling, I will not know how high I can climb. If I do not risk making a wrong decision at a junction, I will not know if that is even the correct path to take.

I have started out a few businesses. Some worked while some failed. B

5 Key Qualities to Become an Entrepreneur

Well, on a personal level: I am simply an outdoor educator. There were numerous instances when people told me that this passion of mine about becoming an entrepreneur wouldn’t bring me very far. But here I am, until today, staying stubbornly passionate about this hobby of mine.

So I did take a step back to analyse if I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. And I found 5 key qualities. Here they are:

1. Decision Making

Being in the outdoors requires me to make decisions. This is especially so when I have a group of participants. There are countless decisions to make before, during and after a programme.

For example, have I sorted out all the contingency plans? Have I brought sufficient food and equipment?

As an entrepreneur, I have to make countless decisions. No one is there to tell you what to do.

2. Risk-Taking

I have to be used to take risks in the outdoors. If I do not risk falling, I will not know how high I can climb. If I do not risk making a wrong decision at a junction, I will not know if that is even the correct path to take.

I have started out a few businesses. Some worked while some failed. But still, I will not have known all these if I had not tried.

3. Safety Mindedness

However, people often misunderstand that being a risk-taker means that we do not bother about safety. In the outdoors, the safety factor has actually been considered multiple times.

A climbing rope, for example, could withstand about 12 times more than an average climber’s weight. Safety procedures are everywhere. Where there is none, we are taught to make conservative judgement calls.

The very reason why I do not focus only on one single business is based on the wise saying: Do not place ALL your eggs in one basket. There has to be a safety net.

4. Perseverance

This is a classic nature of an outdoor adventurer. We are used to toughing it out. We know that words don’t count without actions. And the effort required is normally superhuman. We are trained to go the distance.

No one ever said being an entrepreneur is easy. It took me 6 months before I made my first dollar. Thankfully I have been trained to persevere.

5. Creativity

Facing problems is a staple diet of an outdoor adventurer. No one day or one activity is the same. Hence, we have to always think outside the box. Speak about being a maverick. I myself am amazed at what I or my participants do to solve problems.

I started out with minimal capital. Hence, I needed to be creative in planning my effort, energy and money. Be creative in using the many Softwares work for me instead of the other way round.

These 5 qualities inherent in an outdoor adventurer definitely fits the bill of being an entrepreneur. Well, if you are lucky, you could turn the passion into your profession. If not, you sure would have picked up enough tools to run a business!


Getting Them to Love the Outdoors!

Obviously today’s society is a very stay at home, anti-social group of individuals who see the outdoors as the equivalent of running a marathon.
Well over the years I’ve come to understand that the wild IS for everyone, they just don’t know it yet.
In many cases, a camping trip is one outdoor enthusiast trying to talk someone, usually of the opposite sex, into joining them in the great outdoors. And in most cases, the person who has never been camping usually has a difficult time adjusting to sleeping outside.
I believe every person has that primaeval wild side inside them, it just needs to be drawn out slowly. So from my experience, turning many city-dwelling individuals into wanting to be the next Bear grills, I’ve put together a simple guide to help get your friends or significant other to take a walk on the wild side with you.

Question Their Experience

First and Foremost find out what experience your guest has with the outdoors. Did they grow up in a rural area or in a downtown apartment? Have they gone camping in the past? What are the details of the trip? Did they stay in an RV with a TV and shower, or was it in a tent and they used baby wipes as their shower. Usually, people always say they have been on a camping trip where they were “roughing it!” Obviously err on the side of caution because roughing it for some people may be a full-blown survival situation and for others, it may be going without Phone Service.

Start Small and Simple

Once you have an idea about how far you can push them, you have to use the acronym KISS to plan a trip! Keep It Simple Stupid! You might be a survivalist badass who can climb Everest in a single bound, or pull salmon out of the river with your beard but remember, your guest probably don’t even know what a beard is. Start small with what I like to call “cheater camping!” Rent a Cabin, a Yurt, an RV, or find a campsite with all the amenities like hot showers, temperature-controlled clean bathrooms, etc. The shorter and simpler the outdoor adventure is, the less chance for things to go wrong, and more likely that your guest will return. Plan short hikes that aren’t difficult, or drive to the great view instead of hike. Avoid any areas with mosquitoes or really cold weather! Those two things will end a great trip real quick.

Make Them Overly Comfortable

Now that you have the perfect plan and you’ve got them outside, make their outside experience as cozy as their home. Whatever everyday items your guests just can’t live without, find a way to bring that into the outdoors. Maybe your guest can’t go a day without brushing their teeth, blow drying their hair, Starbucks coffee, checking their email or missing a home cooked meal. Many campsites offer electrical hookups, and showers which can be a life saver for someone who isn’t use to roughing it. Bring pillows and extra blankets to place in the tent to keep it soft and warm instead of just the old ground pad and sleeping bag. Bring a French press for Starbucks on Trail! Get creative with the cooking and take the kitchen outside. This also gives you the chance to show off your cast iron cooking skills, your guest will rave about. Nothing smells better than bacon and eggs on a cast iron grill over an open flame!

Teach and Be Taught

Be a Mentor, a supporter, and then learn. Teach the student, then have the student teach the teacher. Most people like to learn new skills, and are excited, but people are usually nervous or embarrassed when trying something they don’t know. Get your guest involved in the trip, don’t act like a know it all, be humble and teach them the cool skills you know and love. Show them the best way to pack a bag, build a tent, bait a hook, or make a fire. Then on the next night give them at a shot at making the fire, or building the tent, but don’t let them get discouraged and make sure you are always motivating them. Explain the calls of the wild to them. People see the outdoors as something to be feared instead of embraced. Explain that the sounds you hear at night are beautiful and not to be feared. Sounds like the howling of coyotes, the hoot of an owl or the call of a moose are all to be enjoyed. Explain the different animal tracks on trail. Nothing is cooler than your friend heading into work on Monday to brag about all the new stuff they learned.

The WOW Factor

This tip is the icing on the cake! Make sure that first adventure has a WOW factor somewhere in the trip. Find one visual scene that will burn a lasting memory in your guest’s mind that will have them itching to come back for more! Whether it’s a beautiful sunset/sunrise, a splendid mountain view, endless night sky or close encounter with wildlife, make it EPIC! A picture worthy shot of your friend with the special scene will go a long way.

Surprise and Reset

The Surprise and Reset part of the trip can be as simple as extra candy on the trail, to a night at a 5-star hotel. It’s up to you, depending on the difficulty or duration of your adventure, to determine when the best time to use this will be. It may be earlier than later depending on how hard you pushed your guest. Once you have hiked all day, camped multiple nights in the backcountry, or lived off mountain house meals, execute the Surprise and Reset tip. Take your guests into town to grab a beer and a sit down meal, order a pizza, have an extra box of chocolates for them that you pull out when they run out, or ditch the tent for a warm cabin to cap off an amazing trip. Whatever you do, surprise your guests so they aren’t wondering when all this nature will stop. Let them have a brief, relaxing moment that will reset them from all the new outdoor experiences.

Prep and Push The Envelope

The final stage is to prep and push the envelope. Once you are on your way home, reminisce about the great times you had and the funny mishaps. Motivate your guest, explain how impressed you were with how they handled their first camping trip and prep them for the next adventure. Now that they have experienced a small piece of the outdoors, ask them what they are willing to give up in the future.


Maybe they can shower in the stream, eat a mountain house, or bring a solar panel to check their emails on the trail. Push them a little further each time and do whatever it takes to get them back in the outdoors. Follow this guide and you will have given someone the greatest gift of all. A Love for the Outdoors!

I hope this helps you get that significant other, friend or family member off the couch and into the great outdoors. Feel free to send me some ideas you’ve used in the past to make someone fall in love with the outdoors.



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