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Video-Ads are the way forward in online promotions these days.

Here are a few facts and figures: Studies have shown that every four out of five users on the web would rather watch videos than reading a text such as blog posts, articles or printed presentation.

the great majority of users, at least eighty per cent, watch to the end of the video, spending up to 5 minutes as opposed to the normal average time of 49 seconds with text or static images.
A further study reveals that 3 days after visiting a website, on average, ten per cent recall the text of an ad, sixty per cent of static images, and an amazing ninety per cent of moving image videos!

Little wonder Facebook has announced its intention to beat all-comers, even the massive YouTube into second place.

To educate entertain and convert your prospects,  Eden Video Market will put your business in the Branding or Lead Generation business within days.

There are several types of “explainer ” videos. The original ones were simple cartoon style, and they are still used to good effect. The mixed-media style, which uses elements of cartoon-static images, and live video is the preferred choice of many companies today.

They are more like T.V ads, which we all are very familiar with, but a fraction of the cost. This video production involves the writing of the script, planning, animation, sound, editing and publishing (usually to YouTube.)
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