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The Man Who Made PEANUTS His Life Work

  The Man Who Made PEANUTS His Life Work By Kenneth Eden. George Washington Carver. (Black Lives Contribution). There is leadership that talks and there is leadership that works and in the halls of the popularity of black leaders over the decades, George Washington Carver was a leader that really functioned. His leadership was not … Continue reading “The Man Who Made PEANUTS His Life Work”

Why I Am a Christian

Five Amazing Prophesies

We all know that if a person or a book could accurately predict the future and be correct every single time (not 50% not 75% but 100% of the time) then that person or that book would have to have divine help.

Is there a book that does accurately predict the future and get it right 100% of the time? Yes, there is. It’s called the Bible, and it contains scores of amazing prophecies that prove it to be from God. We’ll take a look at just five.

How Wild Horses  are Rewilding Britain

How Wild Horses  are Rewilding Britain “Now for a film that’s been 14 years in the making. Back in 2002, we told you how wild horses have been introduced to Kent to help with the countryside and we’ve been watching them ever since. If you’re out enjoying the Kent countryside you may come across this … Continue reading “How Wild Horses  are Rewilding Britain”

How a 25 year paid holiday can leave you sick and broke. (a short rant)

How a 25 year paid holiday can leave you sick and broke. (a short rant) <No…That’s not Me! I am  in my 70’s as I write this: A marathon runner, author and nutritionist and keep fit enthusiast. Also, a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have been this way for the past nearly 30 … Continue reading “How a 25 year paid holiday can leave you sick and broke. (a short rant)”

The #1 reason evolution is Ray Comfort

The #1 reason evolution is impossible Although our site is focussed on living and working in the countryside of Englands West Country, we, at this online magazine are open to all and any interesting topics that affect the lives of our readers. So, having said that this writer admits to being a trifle biased. As … Continue reading “The #1 reason evolution is Ray Comfort”

The Treehouse Festival …a Documentary.

  found this fascinating video online, and declared “we need This in  Somerset/Devon/Exmoor”! Any takers? You can discover more info about Treehouse Festival at: A 30 minute documentary about the Treehouse Festival – an arts and community event in the heart of rural Norfolk. There is eco-building, cooking, craft workshops, speakers on sustainability and green … Continue reading “The Treehouse Festival …a Documentary.”

Wild Exmoor Ponies …Right on our doorstep!

One of the joys of the west country lifestyle for my wife Paula and I is the close proximity we have to the wildlife like these wonderful wild Exmoor ponies in our special feature article today. Watch the amazing roundup and the “Black Beauty” soundtrack that accompanies. ENJOY! Ken Eden. This short film shows the … Continue reading “Wild Exmoor Ponies …Right on our doorstep!”

Living and Working in Natures Best. The Laptop Lifestyle.

Intrigued By The Cornish Language

Intrigued By The Cornish Language                                                                       Good evening, I’m Elizabeth and I live in Cornwall I’m Cornish and I speak the Cornish … Continue reading “Intrigued By The Cornish Language”

Who Do We Think We Are ?

According to Wikipedia, English people are a nation and an ethnic group native to England who speaks the English language the English identity as of early medieval origin when they were known in Old English as the angel’ s’en family of the angles their ethnonym –is derived from the angles one of the Germanic peoples … Continue reading “Who Do We Think We Are ?”

The Jewel in Great Torringtons’ Crown

  Northern Devon Nature Improvement Area digital multimedia art project. In this short video, we talk to members of the Great Torrington Commons Conservators to find out what their local landscape means to them. The Northern Devon Nature Improvement Area (NIA) is a pioneering project covering the greater part of the Torridge River catchment. The … Continue reading “The Jewel in Great Torringtons’ Crown”


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