How a 25 year paid holiday can leave you sick and broke. (a short rant)

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How a 25 year paid holiday can leave you sick and broke. (a short rant)

<No…That’s not Me!

I am  in my 70’s as I write this: A marathon runner, author and nutritionist and keep fit enthusiast. Also, a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I have been this way for the past nearly 30 years. I have endeavoured and continue to, extol the virtues of fitness and diet on every occasion. I have to add; as well as the weightier message of Christianity. I’m beginning to realise something; my regular message of BODY-SOUL -SPIRIT is coming under increasing attack. It’s a sign of the times I guess.

Yes, it seems this message is falling on deaf ears for the most part. Maybe it’s the society that we live in today. Pursuing the almighty dollar on an even greater scale than previous generations ever did seems to be the norm. The latest game in town. Perhaps this has triggered my cynical outlook. It’s more than grumpy-old-man syndrome methinks.
You see, the voice of the establishment has told us that on reaching the age of 65, we are set for a great new adventure; we can “retire”. We can relax, sleep- in when we feel like it, enjoy more time with our grand-children and basically flow in a delightful rosy-tinted comfy- cosy way of life. Oh yes, that’s good for the next 25+ years! “Take a holiday you deserve it. We’re paying you.!”

Today’s society seems to assume that we ‘old-timers’ are all homeowners, have paid off our death grip (French for a mortgage) and are heirs, to a nice pension for years ahead living the life of Riley. (who is this Riley guy?)
“They” also assume that we have ample funds and can look forward to a couple of decades or more playing bingo at the village hall as we sadly watch our ever-decreasing circle of friends fade off into the sunset. Possibly, we are having dinner from time to time at the Captain’s table on the Princess Cruise Liner, all dressed in our finery as we ogle the ever-changing sea views gorging ourselves on life’s finest cuisine! We should be so lucky. A bowl of soup and a bag of chips would be more like it.

Perhaps they think we are blowing our cash and trying to impress for a quick adrenaline thrill at the onboard casinos? just before we stagger to our first-class cabin to sleep it all off. What a life… How blessed we are!
Okay - - that was a little over the top perhaps. The “stuff that dreams are made of “as a certain William would say, but I think you get my point. If you are retired you will certainly get it. Yet there are those in society today truly believe the above picture is the norm and not for the very few.

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The truth is, many of us have not been able to buy a home, pay off the loan, and save a large chunk of cash. Why? Because years ago we believed the lie that we could really have a 25 or more year holiday paid for in our declining years through our pensions. That is the promise made by the state which we swallowed hook line and sinker much like the youngsters today really believe they’ll never have to pay off that massive student loan. It’s all fabrication. Funny they are falling for the same line that we did.


Truth is, our society has never been sicker or more underfunded in real terms than it is today. The divide in society has never been more stark- Christian values never more undermined. The outlook for our kids and grandkids is looking very dark. Thanks are to God through (the being that they rarely believe in) there is a ray of light in that darkness. It’s a cry, maybe ever so faint but it’s there - a cry of FREEDOM. A loosing of the shackles - a new dawn.

Society’s reliance on the 9-to-5 routine… The two-week holiday… The nose to the grindstone… The working for “the man” for a relative pittance until we croak, is coming to an end. Glory hallelujah! - As someone once famously said, “I have a vision…” As in ancient times, men and women will work for themselves and their families, they will be based mostly at home, and rarely having to commute to an office. I see millions across the globe.
Through nutrition and proper exercise, they will live long- in good robust health.

With the ultra-fast Internet, they will access a raft of businesses bringing in several streams of income monthly via the web.
Everything will be mostly automated. This new man will prosper independently of government assistance. The NHS will have little trouble dealing with the sick in society because all will be on a prevention rather than cure program which will save billions of public funding. Folks…this is all beginning to happen.

So what began as a negative and cynical message perhaps, in actual fact is simply a voice - the voice of one crying in the wilderness… Can YOU hear it? What do you think? Drop me a line.                Countryside Life Lifestyle England Uk Website GIF


Author: Kenneth Eden


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