The #1 reason evolution is Ray Comfort

The #1 reason evolution is impossible

Although our site is focussed on living and working in the countryside of Englands West Country, we, at this online magazine are open to all and any interesting topics that affect the lives of our readers. So, having said that this writer admits to being a trifle biased. As a Christian, my life has been greatly enhanced by Ray Comfort and his Way of the Master website. The amazing video posted here may well open your eyes and bless you as it has me. You’ll get food for thought at the very least, and life-changing experience if you’re open-minded. So, go ahead and watch the destruction of one of mankind’s pet theories that are presented as unassailable truth!

Transcript segment;
“First a video. This is a scrambled egg going back into its shell it’s an illustration as to how the universe works no egg ever goes back to being scrambled back into its shell and so it is with the entire universe it is slowly degenerating it’s going from order to chaos we can see that everywhere but listen closely as this speaker slips in the words general tendency and the white have separated and now they’re going to be poured back into the egg and we all know in our heart of hearts that this is not the way the universe works and we know in our heart of hearts that the universe does not travel from mush to complexity in fact this gut instinct is reflected in one of the most fundamental laws of physics the second law of thermodynamics or the law of entropy what that says basically is that the general tendency of the universe is to move from order and structure to lack of order lack of structure in fact to mush it’s not a general tendency it’s an unbending law everything is turning to disorder it’s becoming dust everything without exception and yet look around us what we see around us is staggering complexity so here’s a great puzzle…

… in a universe ruled by the second law of thermodynamics how is it possible to generate the sort of complexity I’ve described the answer is that it’s not possible it never happens but listen to his response …” Continue    >

Author: Kenneth Eden


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