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found this fascinating video online, and declared “we need This in  Somerset/Devon/Exmoor”! Any takers?

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A 30 minute documentary about the Treehouse Festival – an arts and community event in the heart of rural Norfolk.

There is eco-building, cooking, craft workshops, speakers on sustainability and green issues, wide games and the occasional beach trip.

This documentary covers an introduction to building an iron age roundhouse, the activities during the week of the festival and the big party night on the last night.

Edited By Adam Jackson, (

Filmed by Adam Jackson and Matthew Rootham

More info about Treehouse Festival at:


Hello and welcome to the treehouse festival. This is a little video we’re going to put together about all the stuff that goes on.

It all started a few years ago when a group of friends and I left University and wanted to carry on the building because we used to build at University. And our objective was after hearing one of the guys in our group, his adventures when he was younger.

Building tree houses we said: well, let’s give that a go and we carried on our tradition of what we called scavenging, where we go and speak to the local businesses and people who had skipped and throwing stuff away and said, could we have the stuff that you’re Throwing away and then we’d get that bring it back, and then she built this giant treehouse out of it, which would all built and recycled materials and without using any electricity, and it was a quite grand structure at double glazed windows. It had carpets spiral, staircase and a balcony two floors and was right in the middle of remote Norfolk countryside. You couldn’t see it from anywhere, which is great and a few years down the line I’m and halfway through building it.

We came up to some opposition to the local council, who asked us to get it to get planning permission for it which we applied for and then after a massive battle with lots of media attention and lots of debate and appeals and letters And stuff, we eventually had to lay the treehouse down.

Sadly, but because of that, a lot of people had got on board and they said well. This is really great we’re doing so. They say they wanted to get involved each year, so we said well, let’s do it a bit bigger and have something called the treehouse festival, which is where we are up to now.


Our next project, now is, is the right house which you can see behind me. We’Re quite a big bit of what we’re doing is it’s building the roundhouse. It’s a really good focus of community we’re actually cooking inside it, even though the roof isn’t finished up there and yeah and loads of different people of all different skill levels. People from the city, people from the country, people have never been and done anything like this before having a go at patching and doing crafts that sometimes haven’t been done in the way that we’re doing them for hundreds of years.

through he on the inside yeah there we go around the back through again, so this is a stand. This is the the basics of what it is to thatch them. Is it to hold it all together, yeah I’m doing the interior needlework. So I’m talking it out around the interior pole and the reason is trusting.

There was an exterior one goes around both their binds them together like a sandwich and squeezes the Thatcher’s, the sale of the savage opportunity. Then you do it on multiple layers of each bit of that should hopefully be held in by two. Maybe three really hey Rob? What you’re doing well yeah we sort of caught some lasting the facts. Basically, what it is is when the fat goes on here. You see it goes in bundles, all the same height and supposed to be a smooth progression. So these are all been where you molested already, and these ones need to get rid of all at the end so blend this in you push the top ones up to them about a foot away from the next, but battle kind of blend in it is invisible In one seamless kind of hill of thatch, what’s like minutes, that’s right! It takes a long time and it hurt your arm because you don’t know that o course here, pretty cool um.

You can see it. i’m waking up cuz the Augmented of clashing of evolved as we went along so first we’re just grabbing the stuff and quitting straight up on the roof. We weren’t even trying to get it all the right way round, etc soon realized that wasn’t good. So we started putting like we round them, who discovers that all the leaves made funds. It wasn’t tight enough, so had to take it off a couple of bits of it on we strip all the leaves with massively labour-intensive.

You know each individual bit has to be effective individually strict cuts and length and then put up in bundles. So what have you so? i’m currently waking up all the stuff that’s been stripped off, which is a never-ending task, because I paint in the fourth which, as soon as you wake up one area. Yes, they like kind of go back and like it up again, because it’s the back again. 50 million pounds, no, you gotta show for it is throughout the week we’re doing different stuff, I’m having three. This morning, we just had it. We had a talk from Greenpeace who came in and talked about the stuff they’re doing. We had an acoustic night were, where people from around come and do little bits of their talents, hey we got beach trips, we had a paintballing adventure the other day and generally a really good time. What is your involvement in the Cherry Festival? Communal work? Don’T enjoy myself, yes being nosy yeah, making every smile. You have any fantastic time the other evening, the rain we come here before. I have been here for several times and have a very good time.

Every year, by every year Thursday, it’s good without fail. Yeah without fail doesn’t even matter if anybody on the toronto show i’m just here ya: pilgrim is every year hey Dom. Basically this is the door. What we’re gon na do is we’re going to get them willow and we, these back in on themselves, to get the door frame off with a and do that all the way around, with a curved top to match the archway of the Roundhouse and then we’re going To support it across and excited to us with, when I week though, so it’s got some kind of sturdiness laughs very delicate in that we’ve got plans right, ok, but we’ve got it. Then we got to make a carpet. Out of this. Is nice and toasty around watch me work hard, we’re gonna make a shoe rack. How I got my country back in strips. Yes, we’ve done on themselves with the logs for DHS high ground beautiful on the beginning. In the beginning, there was tense and then there was drinking and campfires and then think there wasn’t much else to be given, and then there was nothing to do for a bit. So he built, we started building a treehouse and I think I put the first bit of wood in the treehouse. I nailed it to the tree

So, despite the hype that we didn’t put in out in the tree, I first he did put some nails, but then we started doing it properly without nails in the tree, and then we built the treehouse and then it was great and that get this busy for Awhile and then someone, then the council took it down, may just take it down, so we then within that the treehouse anymore, so we decided to build around the house which this is. This is the second attempt to around now it’s the first one blew down. Fortunately, because we didn’t win every way to search it and we didn’t really make it very well, then yeah. So then we started the roundhouse doing a building partly in and it kind developed at the treehouse festival. And now we just have a simple building part. Is a year and that’s what I come to some of them at all. I come this week because it’s good! No! I want to get the touch finish, which it won’t and never seem to finish. It just keeps going up and up and never-ending. This is a teepee we quite crudely made a friend and I drove down to London and got some really cheap old canvas, Ramona canvas, marquee and then cut it up and got some plans of the Internet. We went down the road to a friend of ours who let us cut down some coffees and maple caucus and that’s pretty much it tied around 12 of these poles. And then you got a teepee. What type of people comes three out of it? Yeah and people who, like a community you want to get to lower them like doing interesting things, yeah hanging out really and enjoying the outdoors hey pretty much. Every evening people throw the big fire normally strong men, you can chop wood and Botros in the life go too far that goes on until vendors, the bed. I normally gate a little bit seen us at about one o’clock. Now people generally chat with no organized game.

Play lots of guitar sing, some song, its best kind of time to get to chat people young. Yes, they can say there’s been a few time to see who have deeper meaning to people. The great thing about the house. First of me is, as always, a mix of people I do know when people I don’t know, because she before and lots people haven’t seen before, and I don’t think there’s been one year. I’ve went where I haven’t come away with quite a few people who I then two and then on good friends and long-term friends who had never met before that week. There’S always a fire every night and always some point during the night there’s going to be a guitar around and he gets passed around. Anyone can have a play. Everyone has a singsong people, accounting who we can’t sing well same time really, and it’s really cool people like to improvise. You like to play the song to know like funny songs. Some people have two teachers on guitar roots. It’S just good that, wherever you are around five, wherever you are at the treehouse, you’re always in hearing distance, someone car someone singing people dancing the news music everywhere rly the community is the key thing really there’s a big group, and everyone is on good terms.

Everyone out, someone talked to everyone else. There are smaller groups within that person who spend more time with certain people, some people they know and even and people they don’t know, but they’re so flexible its members, everyone flips between an enemy, so everyone get some variables over. There’S no one you can sit down next to expect everybody there’s no one serious conversation when you need one way, the most runs a new piece of ridiculousness. If I’m not, that kind of fluid between talk to you, what do you like about the chairs festival and the people? Mostly, you can rent, lovely and inclusive, and I like being outside. I, like waking up and being outside and living outside at fire and set me on fire. Took these people and making thing the festival is quite unique because it’s actually free to come. But we all we ask for is, as you contribute towards your food, which we do for a phenomenally cheap price, which is great because that means anyone can come and contribute to the toilet. So it works out as just a few pounds for for a week’s food and everything else and and it’s a really great place, camping and a really remote area of rural Norfolk and there’s not alert else in the East. So so it’s a nice little thing to come, see hi details, Xena, yes, oh boy, Lord, my lovely wife, Emily and in charge of cooking and what we do is food for everyone. Basically, all vegetarian food, and this time we went to a wholesaler. It was very kind and give us a really good deal and lots of good food. We also went to Oakland door slamming shut.

He made it every night who is an organic farmer. He got some beautiful garlic, other vegetables Chaucer again and basically, and we get a whole team of people to chop vegetables – do all the prep stuff. Often generally I myself for everything oversee a meal, yeah, it’s excellent fun and by well. You know I wouldn’t like to hang my own chain rattling like that great this year it’s been a roughly 40 odds, people who every died somewhere between 30 and 40, but mostly more so, we’ve been Patera preparing fairly large scale coming and we have kind of a Washing up thing where people everyone chips, it a little bit washing out, so what type of meals usually cook generally they’re sort of estimate 1.1 was really so that would be your curry, your chilli, you know your swing and sweet potato. Curry did one day we get a noodle dish, so mostly it’s non-English stuff. Rarely we did a pastor. There won’t be anything we’ve done, conditioning bacon, garlic, managed to assume we’ve been kind of camping down here in one form or another. Since, since I was about 17 and some of the people who were there on that original camp down here down the field in one of the horse’s fields, they still come to the treehouse festival now nearly 10 years later, which is great and when we First did it, we, we dug a little fire pit and had a fire down here now, the campfire, and then each year it’s grown and expanded. That we’re now on fire number 4 mark, for which we want to just have a look down here, is that we turn this one into a clay oven so which we’ve tried to worm yeah. It’S not 100 % yet because we just need to sort and the way this extremely works but and the fire bit on top is used to pretty much constantly it’s not on right now but sir, but yeah great little fire I mean. There’S no doubt there’ll be many more marks, but it’s now, instead of being right at the edge of the little campsite. But it’s now right in the dead centre and it’s grown a lot so um so yeah. Why don’t I pros ebony, our eta phi kappa had a good time trialling? So today is Saturday and on the chairs festival, that’s quite a big deal. What we do on Saturday, basically, the whole week is kind of leading up to it and the people who’ve been staying here. It’S been about 30 people living here for a week in community with each other and then the last day we set up the bet. The best party, probably in Norfolk today and write you’ve only got three bands, that’s cool. We only need about. We set up a big party on the last night where people come from outside this little community and we just have a big pile and we have a bar which runs on an on a non-current currency system and yeah and fans.

Come from around the UK and perform and we have a big lighting and sound system and so yeah, it’s a brilliant day and they’ll probably be about two or three hundred people here tonight, hopefully, and so in it yeah, and they get to see the stuff that We’Ve been doing throughout the week, so Paul hello um. What what are you doing here? I’m here at the treehouse, party festival come event and having a good time, even though I’m we’ve just got the trampoline yeah, the phantom old Buzzard smells and a bunch of rusty Springs and a bit of materialism. Looking too good together and we’re going to make sure we jump up and down on it, people are going to wander around doing different stuff. So we bands and drinks and we’re just like this point for a place to sit and also people like to jump and the more they drink, the more they like to jump.




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