The Jewel in Great Torringtons’ Crown


Northern Devon Nature Improvement Area digital multimedia art project.

In this short video, we talk to members of the Great Torrington Commons Conservators to find out what their local landscape means to them.

The Northern Devon Nature Improvement Area (NIA) is a pioneering project covering the greater part of the Torridge River catchment. The project works with landowners and local communities to help support, protect and connect wildlife habitats and enhance recognition that our natural heritage underpins all our lives. A healthy network of wildflower grasslands, broadleaved woodlands and clean rivers isn’t just good for wildlife. They provide food and fuel, help improve water quality, reduce flooding and offer special places for healthy outdoor recreation where human spirits are uplifted and inspired.

In addition to the more traditional work with landowners, schools programme and community work, the Nature Improvement Area Project partner Devon Wildlife Trust worked with local communities on a multi-media art project.

The resulting short films are based on “My living landscape” – a creative expression of what the local landscape, associated wildlife & understanding of ecosystem services means to each group.

Find out more about the Northern Devon NIA on their website

Film produced by Amanda McCormack, North Devon Moving Image

Author: Kenneth Eden


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