Beginning Acrylics Painting


“I’d like to welcome you to this absolute beginners, acrylic painting course. Do you ever dream of becoming an artist, but you often put it off until you’ve got more time.

Sometimes the thought of a blank canvas staring back at you can put you in a real state of paralysis, and you can never even get started on your creative journey with painting.”

You can quickly find yourself as an art minor rather than an art creator and the longer it goes on and the longer you put it off the more it can get you down and you’ll find yourself with your paints in the paint box, rather than actually putting Your brush to canvas procrastination can really hold you back and I should know I’m world-class at it.

Often my planning and my research can go on for weeks if not months and my deadlines only just get met so for this absolute beginner, acrylic painting cause. I want to help out other aspiring artists to make that step, to stop putting it off anymore and to get paint on canvas and start their creative journey. This course is aimed as if you’re completely new, to painting using acrylics is the simplest, most effective way for an absolute beginner to learn how to paint successfully critics dry quickly. They diluted with water and throughout this course, you’ll see me constantly keeping my brush moist and adding water to the mix. I also demonstrate using a stay, wet palette, to keep your acrylics wet over a longer period of time, so you can keep on coming back to your mixes to create lovely, smooth blends.


It goes through everything steps by step. I introduce each new technique slowly and in an illogical, progressive sequence. The course is split into seven lessons that could be tackled daily perfect if you want to paint in a week – or you can study each lesson every weekend to give yourself a continuity in your painting practice. We’Ll cover materials and setup, colour, mixing and pigment choice, brush handling and pallet knife techniques and gels and mediums then we’ll get painting using methods that achieve great results.

Even if you’ve got no artistic training, we’ll cover a wide range of techniques, from classical realism to a more modern abstract approach. Looking at underpainting and glazing to scumbling and impasto textural effects, given an essential introduction to the wide properties of acrylics.

By the end of the course, you would have created three different painting studies and each one looking at a different style of painting. You have a really good, solid foundation of how acrylics work and then you’ll be able to build on that to develop all the paintings you’ve ever dreamt about. So why don’t you grab a brew, maybe a couple of biscuits and join me on its beginner’s course? So you can unleash your inner artist and put painter canvas”

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Author: Kenneth Eden


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