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Stones between the sizes of oranges and cantaloupes make great decorations or borders for gardens, but if you want a lot they can be costly. If you live near new construction, be it a large building or a new neighbourhood, you are sure to find many suitable rocks for your garden. Be careful, as construction sites can be dangerous. Don’t forget to bring a wagon with so you can easily roam the area and move your stones at the same time.


Here’s a tip about plants and seeds.

Whether the plant is an annual, perennial, or bush such as the azalea you should harvest the seeds even if you don’t plan on planting them. Why? Because you can trade them for other seeds, grow the plants and sell them at the end of your driveway or at the farmer’s market for extra money. You can even donate the seeds to local charities, or animal shelters that can then resell them at a fundraiser.
Gardening is all about finding out what works best for you and what doesn’t. Take the time to write down all of your gardening ideas so that you can read them over during the winter months in preparation for the spring months. Then when spring arrives you’ll be ready to buy the seeds and plants you want for your new garden plan.


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