By Kenneth J Eden

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Is exercise more important than sleep?

I was asked that question recently and decided to look into it. Here’s what I found:

First regarding sleep; a lack of motion can lead to hardening of blood vessels which in turn can lead to heart disease. It has been shown that exercise will burn calories and in turn, will burn fat thus helping to keep weight off.

When we exercise more than we eat, it is easier to burn off that excess energy thus lowering our weight to more healthy levels.

When we sleep we give our bodies the opportunity to recharge rebuild and relax. When that happens, there is little movement of the body up to the time that we awaken from sleep.

While that is happening, we are digesting and converting into energy the food we have taken in, which is stored in our fat cells ready to be used for the activity.

It has been shown that when our arteries are hard, they can be more easily blocked by cholesterol and blood clots. So exercise can actually help blood vessels to become more flexible and cleaner due to the plaque being broken down.

The question to me about ‘sleep versus exercise’ has been answered; we need both of course, but perhaps, surprisingly, sleep has the edge.

Humans can go 40 days without food, but only 2 or 3 without sleep. Because you enjoy a lie-in and suffer guilt pangs for it, you can now relax (literally) in the knowledge that it’s “good for ya health!”

I’m just going for a quick nap.😊

Author: Kenneth Eden


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