#Is There Death in the Pot? Cooked v Raw


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The controversy over whether food is better for human consumption cooked or uncooked rages on.

On the one hand, the extreme cooking camp states that we must cook our food to ensure it does not contain harmful bacteria, and on the other hand, the extreme raw foodies feel that all cooking is harmful, and should be banned by law!

There is, as you might suspect, some truth, and some error in both these opinions. The purpose of this article will be to, hopefully, throw the light of sanity on this whole subject.

I, like most “raw foodies”, came to the movement, because I experienced vastly improved health and healing, and not because of any so-called scientific advice about cooked verses uncooked.

It was only later on, when I had slipped away from a mainly raw food diet, and began to lack energy and feel ill, that I realised just what a difference eating cooked food can make! The contrast was quite marked.

The truth is that anyone can experiment for a week or so eating mostly raw fruits and vegetables, salads and juices, and see for themselves whether cooked is better than raw.

I agree cooked is often tastier, and in a cold climate more comforting, but what price can you put on good health?

It is a well-known fact, that heat destroys. That being so it is quite obvious we damage the nutritional quality of foods when we subject them to the high temperatures of cooking.

It isn’t so well-known, that heat also changes the proteins that rapidly coagulate and can become carcinogenic, at worst, and depleted of all vitamin and mineral content at best.

It is claimed by the National Academy of Sciences latest report, called “Diet Nutrition and Cancer” that all cooking mutates foods and can be dangerous.

The effect on the body, is that the living enzymes are destroyed, and we are, by eating mostly cooked as opposed to raw food, replacing living, health-giving, strengthening elements with dead, lifeless, enervating stuff that in the long term, will shorten our lives and encourage disease. Yes, it seems, ‘death is in the pot’.

Notice how, in nature, most wild animals live relatively longer and healthier than domesticated ones. They are rarely overweight. Were you aware that in the Bible, in Genesis 1:29 — 30, we read;” and God said,” look, I have given you the seed-bearing plants throughout the earth, and I have given all the grasses and other green plants to the animals and birds for their food.”?

So, in summary: our society habitually cooks food, even though the practice is clearly against nature. As a result, we have more sickness now, despite medical advances than at any time in history, and it appears to be getting worse. It seems we hear of a new “plague” breaking out every week. As I write this item, “swine-flu” is in the headlines of all the Worlds media!

Scientific nutrition shows us that cooking can be destructive, and have tests and reports to prove it. Raw food adherents, on the other hand, appear to be getting healthier. Even reversing the ageing process (just look at the Hunza people of Northern Pakistan, for example.) looking better and younger, and far less prone to disease. It seems God really knows what He’s talking about!

Which is best to you — the sad diet, or the raw food diet? I would say it’s a no-brainer. Still not convinced?

The Challenge:

Try going raw, for seven to ten days and see the difference for yourself. Then please send us a testimonial and help others lose weight and get healthier. ou can use the form on this site and send it directly to us by email.


Author: Kenneth Eden


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