Boost Your Brain Power Through Life-Changing Accelerated Learning.

Boost Your Brain Power Through Life-Changing #Accelerated Learning.

Rev. Kenneth Eden

First of all, I should mention that I’m not an expert at accelerated learning(nor anything else for that matter) …pexels-photo-267885however, I have discovered some very interesting facts about how we learn and how we can improve our ability to learn.

The method of accelerated learning basically means a process by which we can speed up our skills in remembering. It could be learning a language, it could be learning online skills or anything else for that matter.
Now, of course, to state the obvious we are in the best of times to learn things quickly. The Internet has had a tremendous effect on society. In fact, it has never been easier to learn anything than now!

We have many more resources today than we’ve ever had before and what used to take days or months to learn can be learned in a fraction of that time. The science called neuroplasticity tells us that the more we learn the more brainpower we will have. That, of course, is the simplified version.

When we learn, neurochemicals such as BDNF are produced, which helps us to retain what we learn. so in a nutshell, strategies called mnemonics to teach us all the ways and means that we can use to help us glue things into our minds as it were. It’s absolutely true that the more you learn the more expert at learning you become.

Why is it that children are so tremendous at learning? It’s because to them everything is new! Their brains are swimming in learning chemicals.

Why do we learn? What actually are the benefits. Well, there are many: you will enhance your memory for all things, never forget a name again and have the ability to recite poetry or scripture or impress your business partners with your knowledge of the business.

But apart from all of that, as you learn more and add to your skills, it will also help you to move forward rapidly in almost any field you can think of, and become an all-round better person.

The more skills you have in this day and age where many are jostling for the same jobs the better you will be at impressing potential employers. A better memory will give you the edge. You will see your career explode into overdrive. Passing exams will be a piece of cake and whatever your age you will be a winner! Trust me…I’m working on it. So, its time to Boost Your Brain Power Through Life-Changing #Accelerated Learning. There are a ton of good books out there, and I highly recommend the writings of Tony Buzan and the late great Harry Loraine

PS: Now read this short article again and see how much you can recall.

Author: Kenneth Eden


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