Hobbies & Homes…back to the future?

Bucking the trend in traditional role models? Read this short article and see if you agree or disagree and let us know your thoughts..

Hobbies & Homes…Back to the Future?pexels-photo-3768914

In recent years many mothers have decided to follow a career. It seems however that this is a changing trend. These days, many women are willing to make sacrifices both financially and personally, so that they can be the main caregivers for their little children. In order to help families meet fiscal challenges, they are returning to being housekeepers.

A major hobby that mothers find useful is of course cooking. Although it could be said that cooking actually works, and baking too, many mothers find they make fascinating hobbies. They can research the foods of many different nations, and they can create special treats. In the old days baking with grain products that were nourishing for all was predominant. Food could be baked at a low cost and purchased in the local shops.

An alternative home hobby skill that is pretty useful, is sewing using a sewing machine. Lots of homemakers are creating quilts that are of great artistic merit. As an Englishman, I was very touched when I lived in the southern states of the US to find that many of the women would meet up in groups in order to create the most marvellous quilts. Other skills such as mending and repurposing, plus creating bespoke clothing are also becoming a stay-at-home mom skill. A recent survey showed the most popular pastimes for mothers was actually sewing!
I, however, am still waiting for my socks to be darned. !

Today’s women often help out their husbands when they are working on home remodelling. Lots of ladies are pretty skilled with carpentry and, perhaps not surprisingly, layout and design. A do it yourself attitude is helpful in these current times where the money is tight. This is especially so for single-income families. The ease today of which we can go online for information makes learning how to do renovations and repairs to homes and furnishings much simpler

More moms are gardening now than ever before. It’s an avocation that draws us nearer to the creation and, we can feast on its bounty too. A number of families are buying greenhouses because they are producing so much! They sell to the local grocery outlets for hard cash. So, not only is Mom earning, but gaining in health along with all the family.

Gardening gives one a sense of achievement, and it seldom involves spending much cash or stifling ones artistic bent. There is a definite trend going on right now, where home health and artistic endeavour, meets with the spirit of entrepreneurialism in the women of today. Long may it continue! Maybe we really are going “back to the Future”?


Author: Kenneth Eden


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