Juicing Your Fresh Fruit & Vegetables

pexels-photo-775032Over the past few years juicing fresh fruit and vegetables for better health, has taken wings, so to speak, and onto the centre stage of the health food movement. In this article, I’ll explain why I believe this is, and more importantly, how it can benefit you.

You have undoubtedly heard the old adage ‘ you are what you eat’. There is truth in that statement, and I can say from my own experience, it’s very apparent in the area of raw juice therapy. There is no question that the hectic and polluted lifestyles we are compelled to live in (at least in the Western World) have resulted in many people being sick through lack of good regular nutrition.

We eat more, but what we do eat is by and large of such poor quality, that we are literally starving through lack of nourishment. You could say “we’re eating, but starving”! Our ancestors may not have had as much in quantity or variety, but certainly, beat us hands down in the quality stakes. Have you noticed how food no longer even has the flavour it used to have just a few years back?

So what to do? This is where the power of humble, everyday fruits and vegetables comes to the rescue. Since we’ve established that we need to ‘nutritionalise’ our bodies, what we need to do is obtain a good juicer, a quantity of fresh, scrubbed (not peeled, except for citrus) fruit or vegetables, and simply juice and drink, several times a day if possible. You will be awed at the difference in energy levels you will experience.

You might say that you eat lots of fruit and vegetables anyway, so what’s the point in juicing? Good question. Let me answer it with one of my own; How long would it take you to, say, peel and consume 6 oranges, and could you even eat so many at one sitting? Or, how about a couple pound of carrots, or beet. You see the point. Superman might even have trouble!

Juicing enables you to imbibe large quantities of high-quality raw foods quickly, relatively cheaply and easily. In less than 10 minutes, (depending on your particular metabolic rate) the live enzymes in the raw food are coursing through your veins, destroying toxins, purifying and distributing essential organic vitamins and minerals to your grateful body.

You can leave for your place of work in the mornings after a breakfast of citrus or vegetable juice with the certain knowledge that you’ve treated yourself to the best possible source of energy and health on the planet. It’s delicious too!


Author: Kenneth Eden


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