Adding Some Colour to Your Country Home



Adding Some Colour to Your Country Home

You’ve moved into your new country home. Odds are you’ll want to re-decorate. I always have. Cream or white throughout? Money is often tight, so you’re looking to keep the costs to a minimum.

There’s much you can do without spending a fortune. Lots of items can be bought to brighten things up.

As well as paint, of course, there’s rugs, curtains and paintings.

Let’s face it; there’s nothing more boring in a new residence than white walls. So, although you may be on a budget for designing and decorating, you do need to do something.

The main job initially, is the walls.

That can be transformational right away. A fast way is sponge painting. people often like textured effects you can obtain.

To get the right mood, in the room you’re working on, the colour choice is critical.

To make it appear calm with a pleasant ambience, my personal choice is mint green, but everyone has there favourite.

Painting a wall always makes a statement. It’s not always an easy task, especially if the whole family is involved in the choice! Of course, you could always hang one or more actual works of art to create a focal point if you wish, (and finances arent so crucial)

That will say something also about you.

Placing a colourful rug or carpet can also transform a drab room. They can be purchased as “offcuts” quite cheaply.

Their look and the feel can lighten up a room and make a room look fresh and stylish.

Dependent on the vogue of your furniture, you could easily make a nice rug the centre-point of the room.

It’s amazing how much of a difference soft furnishings can make!

simply spotlighting a simple yet colourful mat. All of the above suggestions can make a huge difference at a very reasonable price. They can make your country home shine!


Author: Kenneth Eden


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