Are You a Bibliophile?

Kenneth Eden

I used to be a bookseller. For many years I’d noticed how the Web has expanded. In common with many people, I have said: “the result is inevitable…we’re headed for a paperless society.”

During the decade since then, the e-book has taken the lead. Portable apps like Kindle and various tablets have strengthened the argument of doom-mongers who said:” paper books are finished”! Try telling that to JK Rowland! Her young wizard helped sell over twelve million books, breaking all former publishing records, and proved something we always new really… Anyway…books are not going away any time soon!


The feeling of relaxing in a comfy chair, clutching a hard-cover volume, with perhaps a cafe latte is wonderful. experience. So do we ban the internet from our reading? No way! We love the convenience of shopping online. Life is richer in every way because of it.

One thinks of the giant book- stores such as B&N, the national chain. Their emporiums are choc-a-bloc with books plus a coffee house in every bookshop. For out of town folks, and the disabled, who are unable to leave their homes, the stores can be a godsend. Their costs to deliver are minimal, and you can purchase their Barnes& Noble exclusive offers.
Often prices are such that one can buy anew book at a used price.

For book-lovers with tight budget’s, the second-hand option is always welcome. It’s no secret that Amazon is the worlds biggest marketplace for books. New or used. By far. The less work you do to acquire the book, the more energy you’ll have to enjoy it. You have an advantage in that you can buy either new or used books delivered to your door.

Reading is much more than an intellectual pursuit… it is a physical one too.

Relax and enjoy!


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Author: Kenneth Eden


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