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red-zeppelin-mx_cQjuaP9w-unsplash--devonMore Light on the Sun…Will This Be The New Normal?  by Kenneth J Eden


Being Environmentally friendly is fashionable these days.

Why? Its been shown that climate change is very real and becoming a major global talking point. It’s no longer a “fad” for bearded intellectuals, but of concern to all. in this short article, we want to shed a little more “light on the Sun we take so much for granted. Fossilized fuels are still necessary to mankind, but as we now know, the continual consumption of combustibles is adding massively to the global warming issue. This being the case, it’s not surprising that more than ever, many are choosing to invest in solar-powered houses. What was once a technology for the wealthy, is now a more accessible option for we regular people. Could this growing trend become “the new normal”?

Lets take a look at the real benefits in using solar technology for our residencies and businnes’s. The financial outgoings are of crucial importance of course. To begin with, ask yourself what your energy costs are per period? These days, householders and companies need ever deeper wallets due to mounting electricity charges. This brings us to our main topic; is solar really the way forward for todays ever changing world?

First off,solar technology requires no circuitry. Ugly and costly cabling is essentially redundant. That’s good news! Outdoor lightings such as water and yard features can now be powered by the sun. And for a much lower cost than many realise. The gizmos used, have special automatic sensing. They can operate without human intervention.
It’s just like magic! The lights are easy to obtain, and the only requirement is to position them in the appropriate spots to get as much sunlight as possible. No problem.

So far we’ve looked at just a couple of benefits to solar power;
1) It’s great for the environment 2) It’s also fantastic as a clean renewable. Your pollution contribution is about zero. Goodbye contaminating fossils! Cooking without any pollution is another exciting aspect of this technology. There are generators and thermal systems which do not create any toxic waste at all. Another boost to a cleaner atmosphere.

Of course, throughout the early stages of using your new solar technology, there is a cost involved. Simply consider it as building equity in your home. Looking to the longer term. For less than £ 450-500 , you can be using the power of the Sun. The energy from our natural earthly light source, which sadly, we have ignored for millennia, is now ours for free. We can achieve so much with a wise use of this technology. 



Author: Kenneth Eden


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